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Our Vision

Our vision is to build the ASEAN Digital Single Market (ADSM), which is the integration of digital and physical ecosystems to seamlessly produce and access digital products, services, talents, and capital.

We envisage the ADSM to be a decentralised and multi-nodal network of ecosystems, integrated through standardised systems, platforms, and policies. This will in turn transform ASEAN into a single digital labour market and production base, creating more equal economic opportunities for all, irrespective of nationality or location.

The Digital Districts network is organised at regional, national, and city/district levels. Each ecosystem is built on 6 pillars - People, Places, Platforms, Programs, Policies, and Projects. 

We believe in ASEAN as a major economic force and a driver of global development. We believe our origins, capabilities and behaviors can significantly help people, places and ideas to connect, contributing positively to ASEAN’s overall development that will benefit all. This is reflected through our deep in-country presence beyond the capital cities, with the aim of expanding our network to all first and second-tier cities across all 10 ASEAN countries.

Purple Podiums

Ecosystem Pillars



The identification, buy-in, and participation of ecosystem leaders, community partners, educational institutions, government, digital service providers, and digital talents.


Digital platforms that can facilitate the development, marketing, transaction, and delivery of digital services, products, talent, and capital between countries in a transparent, trusted, and secure environment.


Relevant policy reforms include digital nomad visas, tax incentives, and special economic zones for tech-related activities.


Physical areas or vicinities within a 20-minute walking radius where the local digital ecosystem players can be concentrated in.


Various programs to support the building of the local tech ecosystem can include digital upskilling, mentorship, accelerator, and exchange programs.


Various projects to build products, solutions, systems, and communities.

Purple Bubbles

Selection of Digital Districts

We select Digital Districts in key cities based on 5 criteria


Decent and stable internet connectivity


A local tech community of digital service providers and digital talents


An influential local tech ecosystem leader to mobilize the local tech community and drive execution on the ground


A local government agency responsible for the digital economy and is able to support the local community


A physical hub or vicinity in which the local tech ecosystem can be concentrated

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