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Digital Exports

Expand your pool of resources by leveraging digital ecosystems beyond your borders

In today's hyper-connected world, digital is no longer just a buzzword; it's the lifeblood of global commerce. Businesses everywhere are hungry for innovative digital solutions, skilled talent, and cutting-edge services to propel them into the future.

Scale & Variety

We have consolidated a pool of over 200 digital service providers and 25,000 developers across Malaysia and Indonesia, offering a range of services such as software development, creative design, and digital marketing.

Quality Control

We have a stringent process for reviewing every digital service provider and developer to ensure they are capable of handling international clients. We also have dedicated project managers to lead client engagements and monitor the progress of projects.

Risk Mitigation

We use standardised contracts and a milestone-based payment system to ensure expectations are aligned and met.

Digital Services

Our Digital Service Providers are curated for quality control and risk mitigation, with a standardised project quotation, contracting, and management system.


Digital Talents

Our pool of 25,000 developers are ready to build your projects. Submit your job description and find the right developer teams to create your software remotely.

Digital Solutions

Explore our ever-expanding product catalogue, developed using the latest technology, advanced analytics, and our wealth of expertise that drive value creation for companies.

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