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Digital Districts is made up of firms that are members of Digital Districts Sdn Bhd (also referred to as “Digital Districts ASEAN”), a private company limited by guarantee, incorporated in Malaysia. These member firms and each of their related entities (each a “Digital Districts firm”), along with Digital Districts ASEAN and its related entities, form the Digital Districts network.

Individual Digital Districts firms have access to the skills and knowledge of, and the ability to consult within, the Digital District network. They also enjoy the benefit of Digital District’s market recognition and reputation. Digital Districts ASEAN does not provide services to clients, nor does it direct or control the decisions Digital Districts firms make with respect to the clients they serve.

The member firms are primarily organized on an individual country or regional basis, and each operates within the legal and regulatory framework of its particular jurisdiction(s). They are separate and independent firms that have come together to practice under a common brand and shared methodologies, client service standards, and other professional protocols and guidelines.

Digital Districts firms are not subsidiaries or branch offices of a regional parent, but instead comprise separate and distinct legal entities. The Digital Districts network is not a partnership, single firm, or multinational corporation.

This structure confers significant strengths, including a deep understanding of local markets and a sense of responsibility among Digital Districts firm professionals, who have direct stakes in the integrity and growth of their local practices.


The Digital Districts network achieves economies of scale with centers of excellence, global delivery centers, and other network approaches that are designed to deliver a consistent level of excellence around the world.


Regional approach

As part of the Digital Districts network, Digital Districts firms benefit from shared values, investments, and resources that enhance their individual abilities to provide core services to key local and global clients and development opportunities for their people. They also are able to leverage Digital Districts’ brand, eminence, and intellectual property.

Digital Districts firms support and adhere to the purposes and policies of Digital Districts ASEAN by:

  • Conducting themselves in a manner that sustains the reputation of the Digital Districts network;

  • Aligning local strategies with those of Digital Districts ASEAN, as appropriate;

  • Adhering to professional standards, Digital Districts' Shared Values, and Digital Districts policies concerning systems of quality control; and

  • Advising Digital Districts ASEAN of proposed joint ventures, mergers, and other cooperation arrangements with other Digital Districts firms.

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