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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Digital Districts?
    Digital Districts is an integrated network of digital ecosystems in Asia, driving digital exports and digital investments across 14 cities in 4 ASEAN countries. Our powerhouse of over 12 ecosystem partners, 200 digital service providers, and 25,000 developers, enable companies to enjoy value-added digital services, solutions, and talents beyond national borders.
  • What does Digital Districts offer?
    We offer access to Digital Exports, in the form of Digital Services, Digital Talents, and Digital Solutions, as well as Digital Investments, which include Market Entry services and Catalytic Projects for investors.
  • What are the advantages of Digital Districts?
    We offer a single gateway into multiple tech ecosystems across ASEAN and beyond, in order to (1) build your remote digital workforce, (2) procure quality and trusted digital services, and (3) help your business to enter and scale quickly across ASEAN countries.
  • What is a digital ecosystem?
    A digital ecosystem is when many largely independent economic players join forces to create a digital offering that is more valuable than a single company’s product or service. Some digital ecosystems develop solutions—like a connected car or a smart home. Others bring together buyers and sellers on a digital platform.
  • As a Digital Service Provider, what will I get if I sign up with Digital Districts?
    Digital Districts aims to support local companies and start ups by providing a platform to market themselves globally while earning additional income. In doing so, we will provide free international marketing services at no cost as well as updates on international projects and programs via email and newsletters for interested service providers looking to participate.
  • Are there any hidden fees to sign on as a Digital Service Provider?
    There are none! It is completely free to sign on as a Digital Service Provider under Digital Districts and we provide you with free international marketing to boot!
  • As a client, how do I know if these digital service providers are trustworthy?
    All digital service providers under Digital Districts have been vetted prior. We ensure that they meet the required standards to offer top notch service and instill confidence in our clients.
  • Why not go through the Digital Service Providers directly?
    Digital Districts is designed to safeguard both the client and digital service provider by offering a streamlined milestone system that keeps track of all progressions throughout the project. Ensuring that the projects meet the dateline agreed upon and creates a sense of security as approaching an external provider can be daunting at times. Additionally, all forms of negotiations and payment will also be done through our system that records all information as documented proof for added security.
  • Are there any other payment methods other than Paypal or Stripe?
    Digital Districts aims to market and launch local Malaysian companies on a global scale; therefore all forms of payment will be made in USD only. This makes Paypal and Stripe the most optimal and universal payment gateway as they offer various benefits while being free with no hidden fees for creating an account.
  • Is there a free trial period for any of the SaaS solutions before subscribing?
    Yes, the free trial will be made available for 14 days where you may access only its basic functions.
  • How much are the rates to subscribe for a SaaS solution/product?
    We offer 2 types of subscription rates aside from the 14 day free trial. All prices will are standardized for all SaaS solutions/products.
  • Will there be a refund for canceling a yearly SaaS subscription early?
    No, there will not be a refund for unsubscribing to a SaaS solution/product early.
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