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Market Access

ASEAN consists of 10 member states with different levels of economic development, political stability, cultural diversity, and legal systems.

Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach to the region would rarely work. There is a need to understand the specific characteristics, needs, and preferences of each target market and segment.

For companies that are not yet ready to establish a physical presence in ASEAN, they may pursue a strategy to nearshore operations remotely. This entails establishing a remote team, such shared services or tech outsourcing, to support the home country operations.

Some companies may prefer to test the ASEAN market before establishing a local presence. To this end, they can leverage digital platforms, such as e-commerce, social media, and mobile applications, and can drive customer acquisition through digital marketing.

Companies that are ready to establish a local presence can do so through a subsidiary, joint venture, franchise, or a local partner. A local presence can help build trust and credibility, while providing access to local resources, networks, and insights to enhance your competitive advantage.

How we can help you enter the ASEAN market

Regional Establishment

Regional Establishment

Build your regional footprint in ASEAN

Business Development

Business Development

Find your local partners and customers in ASEAN

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