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Trimikha Valentius

Chief Technology Officer, ASEAN

Field of Expertise:

Web Application

Business Strategy

Game Development

Community Building

Software Development

Tech Ecosystem Building

Interactive Digital Advertising

Trimikha brings a wealth of experience spanning diverse platforms and industries, ranging from startups to major technology corporations. His previous role at Meta involved bridging the gap between Meta's developer and creator platforms and a broad spectrum of developers and innovators across Asia Pacific.

Trimikha has a proven track record of designing and executing comprehensive programs, from strategy development to end-to-end execution, aimed at engaging developers and AR technical creators at scale. This includes successful management of external partners to achieve strategic business objectives.

Rooted in the tech community, Trimikha has played a pivotal role in leading the Facebook Developer Circles: Bali, organizing impactful meetups, workshops, and hackathons. He has also been a speaker at various tech community activities and conferences.

Trimikha Valentius
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