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Digital Talents

Digital Upskilling

We help tailor a bespoke digital talent pipeline for the distinctive business needs of various companies. Coding is undoubtedly a fundamental skill, but the journey to becoming a proficient developer is a transformative experience that requires more than just basic instruction. 

12 Weeks - Full Stack Software Development Program

Whether you are looking to break into the coding industry or advance your tech career, our Full Stack Software Development programme is designed to help provide you with the market-driven skills you need to be successful. Our curriculum teaches you how to put what you’ve learned to work on actual portfolio projects.

Programming Fundamentals

Work with the right developer tools and workflow. Learn the basics of the command line, get familiar with most useful developer packages and learn how to version your code with git and push it on Github.

Web Development Foundation

You'll learn how the internet works, HTTP and master the fundamentals of web programming with Sinatra, along with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap 5.

Back-end Development

You'll gain a thorough understanding of Ruby basics before getting comfortable with object-oriented programming and storing information in databases using SQL and Object Relational Mappers.

Front-end Development

Understand JavaScript fundamental concepts and learn ES6, your second programming language after Ruby to add dynamic behaviours to your applications as well as Hotwire, the HTML-over-the-wire concept as an alternative approach to building modern web applications.

Capstone Project

The programme completes with a large-scale project which begins with a project concept guided by your instructor. You'll receive plenty of instructor feedback along the way while diving deep into various advanced technologies needed to bring your concepts to life.

Digital Marketing 

We figure the gaps in the client’s business and tailor a training program and solutions to patch those gaps. Our programs focus on ensuring the modules will upskill the client’s team to solve their marketing needs. 

In-House Training & Certification Class 

  • Customised in-house training modules based on the businesses needs 

  • Meta and Google Certification classes 

Learning Event 

  • Planning on learning modules and topics 

  • Trainers recruitment 

  • Event management and coordination 

  • Marketing deliverables (poster, banner, backdrop etc)

Our Digital Talents Team
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