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Meiyi Lin

Partner, Singapore

Meiyi Lin boasts a wealth of experience in the FMCG and consumer health sectors, amassing a diverse professional background over 12 years.

Her expertise has flourished through a variety of global and local marketing roles, augmented by a solid foundation in supply chain management. Currently stationed in Singapore, Meiyi holds the esteemed position of Senior Global Brand Manager at Blackmores Group, where she strategically applies insights garnered from her prior roles at prominent companies such as Unilever, InQpharm Group, and Kraft Foods. Throughout her career, Meiyi Lin has consistently demonstrated her proficiency and adaptability, contributing significantly to the success of each organization she has been a part of.

Her expansive skill set encompasses various domains, including Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, and Project Planning. This diverse skill set positions Meiyi Lin as a valuable contributor and industry leader, capable of navigating the intricacies of the dynamic FMCG and consumer health landscape with finesse and expertise.

She holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biotechnology from the University of New South Wales, laying the groundwork for her comprehensive understanding of the intersection between science and business.

Meiyi Lin
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