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Faezrah Rizalman

Partner, Sabah

Faezrah is a highly accomplished software engineer assuming the visionary role of Founder at Elevate Academy, a pioneering institution that marks the inception of the first-ever coding school in Borneo. Fueled by a determined objective, she endeavors to provide a streamlined pathway for Sabahan youths to enter the dynamic and thriving tech industry.

Demonstrating a profound commitment to mentorship, Faezrah directs her fervor towards guiding individuals and instilling a belief in the immense potential of the upcoming generation of coders. Her professional journey serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication to nurturing talent and actively contributing to the empowerment of aspiring individuals within the expansive domain of technology.

In her leadership at Elevate Academy, Faezrah not only shapes the educational landscape but also cultivates an environment that fosters innovation and excellence, positioning her as a pivotal figure in advancing technological education in the region.

Faezrah Rizalman
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