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Damon Grow

Managing Partner, US

Damon Grow presently holds the position of CEO at (chain_cliQ) and stands as an Andreessen founder with a distinguished career spanning over two decades in Silicon Valley, specializing in gaming, advertising, and growth hacking. Renowned as a top serial game designer for social games, Damon has built products utilized by a staggering 55 million-plus users.

His entrepreneurial journey includes founding Shattered Reality Interactive (now known as Rocket Ninja), a venture-backed social gaming company, and serving as the Creative Director of Lolapps, where he crafted successful games such as X-Wars, Yakuza Lords, Diva Life, and Band of Heroes. Damon has also held the position of Head of Games at ROFLplay, a company later acquired by Lolapps. With a track record of raising millions in funding for previous ventures, Damon was a TechCrunch 50 finalist in 2008.

Currently, Damon Grow concurrently holds three positions, including CEO at (chain_cliQ), Team Member at ROFLplay, and CEO & Founder at Superstar Games. Notably, he has previously served as the Chief Product Officer at ROOM, reflecting his multifaceted and impactful career in the technology and gaming industry.

Damon Grow
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