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Clay Lee

Managing Partner, Singapore

Clay serves as a principal consultant at Invicta, a distinguished group specializing in business and digital transformation, innovation, and venture funding. With a robust background in innovation, finance, and consulting, Clay has amassed a wealth of experiences in various professional capacities.

From founding and owning a business at the age of 18 to serving as an auditor with PwC UK and later as a management consultant for global MNCs, Clay has navigated diverse sectors. His involvement in the startup and innovation ecosystems across Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia further showcases his versatility.

In his most recent role as the Regional Head of Innovation at BTS, a global professional services firm headquartered in Stockholm, Clay led the practice in South East Asia. Collaborating with clients, he focused on driving strategic outcomes through innovative solutions, contributing significantly to building innovation capabilities across the region. Prior to this, he co-founded Int Labs, an innovation and people transformation firm, where he worked closely with clients to source, prototype, and test new solutions and products within their organizations.

Clay's earlier experience includes serving as an auditor with PwC UK, conducting financial and non-financial audits for a diverse clientele ranging from SMEs to FTSE 250 companies. Additionally, he has expertise in conducting various workshops, from design sprints to strategic retreats, always prioritizing the desired outcome and participant experience.

Clay holds an LLM from University College London and an LLB from the University of Reading, further underscoring his commitment to academic excellence in addition to his professional accomplishments.

Clay Lee
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