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Arif Tukiman

Head of Cloud Solutions

Arif embarked on his entrepreneurial journey during college as a computer science student, delving into web, mobile app, and game design and development. Post-graduation, he co-founded Cool Code, a software company that burgeoned to a team of 20+ in-house developers. Within three years, Arif successfully attracted prominent clients and achieved over 3 million app downloads.

Recognizing the challenges developers face in project deployments across multiple servers, he conceived and launched RunCloud. As the driving force behind RunCloud, Arif is dedicated to simplifying server management for developers and businesses. Under his leadership, RunCloud has rapidly grown, overseeing more than 230,000 web applications across 100+ countries within three years.

Arif's achievements have garnered recognition, earning him a spot on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list.

Arif Tukiman
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