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Eric Kong Vong

Managing Partner, Cambodia

Field of Expertise:


Startup Initiatives

Partnership Strategy Development

Eric Kong Vong is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship education, innovation, and startup initiatives. As the Director of Public-Private Partnerships at Reactor Group in Singapore, he excels in developing partnership strategies, fostering stakeholder relationships, and driving innovation. With a focus on sustainability and success, Eric promotes cross-sector collaboration for shared goals. 

As a country lead for Australia, Cambodia, and Vietnam, Eric has designed and implemented entrepreneurship programs, incubators, accelerators, and startup internships. With a strong background in multinational corporations and co-founding experience, he brings valuable expertise to his role. 

Eric holds a Master's degree in Business/Commerce from Charles Sturt University and a Bachelor's degree in Social Science with a focus on International Relations from The University of Cambodia.

Eric Kong Vong
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