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Market Access

Business Establishment

Develop your regional footprint in Southeast Asia to seize economic opportunities, while hedging against geopolitical risks

Southeast Asia, as a politically-neutral, business-friendly, and economically-promising region, offers the ideal East-meets-West platform for companies to broaden their global footprint. Becoming an ASEAN company, in form and susbtance, facilitates smoother access to international markets and capital, while bolstering brand reputation and credibility on the global stage.

Through a multi-shore strategy, foreign companies can benefit from the distinct advantages of various ASEAN countries: 

  • Singapore's well-regarded legal system, governance record, and financial hub status; 

  • Malaysia's multi-lingual and educated workforce, developed infrastructure, and cost-effective operations base 

  • Indonesia's large digital workforce and consumer market; 

  • Thailand's strong creative industry, particularly in creative content/media, advertising and design; and 

  • The Philippines' dominant customer service industry. 

We support companies in developing their multi-hub strategy in ASEAN by establishing their regional/global headquarters in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, and setting up their operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, or The Philippines.

Our Market Access Team
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