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Image by Ven Jiun (Greg) Chee

Johor Southern Gateway

Coastal City Corridor

Image by Afifi Zulkifle

Coastal City Corridor

Strategically positioned to be a prime hub for digital investment. It seamlessly integrates into the economic landscapes of Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, functioning as a pivotal digital gateway with exceptional connectivity by land, sea, and air.

Johor map.jpeg

Johor Bahru

International Bridge

Johor Bahru will be designed to be a collaborative hub, fostering synergies among businesses, research institutions, and startups. Co-working spaces, innovation labs, and incubators create an ecosystem where digital enterprises can collaborate, share ideas, and collectively drive the digital economy forward.

Puteri Harbour.jpeg

Iskandar Puteri

New Economic Zone

Iskandar Malaysia's generous land area, strategic location and abundant ready infrastructure and resources boosted its 9 promoted sectors which are Electrical & Electronics, Petrochemical and Oleochemical, Food & Agro-Processing, Logistics, Tourism, Creative Industries, Healthcare Services, Education Services, and Financial and Business Services.

Forest City

Wellness Oasis

Spanning 30km2, the newly-built Forest City will be a smart and green futuristic city that combines environment, technology and cutting-edge technology to create an ideal, idyllic and technology-driven living and working space ecosystem. This is a unique opportunity to be part of this dynamism.

Forest City.jpeg

Rapid Transit System

World Class Connectivity

The RTS Link is conceived as a high-volume shuttle service connecting Woodlands North station in Singapore with Bukit Chagar station in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, without intermediate stops. It is supported by co-located immigration facilities located at Woodlands North and Bukit Chagar. Passengers will clear customs of both countries at their point of departure before boarding the train.

Ecosystem Building

Focus Verticals

Arts & Culture

Global Business Services

Healthcare & Wellness

Ecosystem Building

Catalytic Initiatives

Image by Eldines Hoo

Join Our Ecosystem

As the gateway to digital opportunities in Southeast Asia, it is the ideal hub for digital innovation and investment, setting the stage for success in the digital age that beckons forward-looking businesses to be part of a thriving ecosystem poised for success.

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