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Noudhy Valdryno

Managing Partner, Indonesia

Valdryno has over a decade of experience in tech policy, outreach, and political campaign, and is currently the Associate Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs, Indonesia at Ant Group, one of the world's leading fintech platforms. In this role, he engages with various stakeholders, including government, civil society, and industry, to advocate for Ant Group's vision and values, and to address the challenges and opportunities of the internet economy in Indonesia.

He was also formerly the Head of Public Policy (Indonesia & Brunei) at Meta for over 5 years, where he led government engagements. Valdryno's passion for shaping the digital landscape in Indonesia stems from his previous roles as a Digital Strategist in several local and national elections, where he designed and implemented innovative and effective online communication and mobilization strategies, and as a consultant and advisor for regional public affairs consultancy firms, where he provided strategic insights and analysis on the political and regulatory environment in Southeast Asia.

He also holds a Master of Public Policy degree from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, where he focused on public policy analysis and technology governance. Valdryno is always eager to learn and exchange ideas about Indonesian politics and tech policy, and to contribute to the development of the digital ecosystem in the region.

Noudhy Valdryno
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