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Lee Sheah Liang

Partner, Johor

Specializing in advisory services and orchestrating comprehensive space transformations within Digital Districts, Sheah Liang is a prominent figure in the realm of flexible workspaces. As a co-founder of INFINITY8, the premier flexible workspace provider in Johor, he has successfully expanded the company's footprint with over 8 branches in both Kuala Lumpur and Johor.

Sheah Liang's academic prowess is highlighted by his LL.B degree from Cardiff University and his Certificate of Legal Practice. He is also a qualified lawyer in Malaysia, bringing a unique blend of legal acumen and entrepreneurial vision to his role in shaping and enhancing flexible workspace environments.

With a commitment to excellence, Sheah Liang stands as a leader in the field, playing a pivotal role in driving innovative and transformative initiatives within the digital workspace landscape.

Lee Sheah Liang
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